Today, as I walked to my karate class, holding my sister’s hand, I felt extremely nervous. Today is my karate exam. I was prepared for it, but how much ever you practice, you can’t help feeling really scared, and wishing that the class was just getting over and that you had already finished your exam.

My sister didn’t have her exam today because our karate sir chose only a few children from our class to do the exam this time. I was   really proud to be chosen. I had done the exam once before and I had done pretty well. But, I am hoping to do better. As I walked in to the class, and greeted my teacher and sir, I felt really scared. Last time I hadn’t even got a bronze medal, though I needed more than sixty marks to get one. I knew it was really tough to get even fifty, but I will try my best.

My teacher soon called out my name to do various stances. I stood up, and walked in front of her. The whole class stared at me. I quickly finished all the stances she had on her list. My sister showed me a thums-up and I smiled.

My mother was also there for half the exam.

Soon my name was called out again for my Katha. A Katha is a sequence of defenses and attacks. I soon got up and walked to the middle of the class. I called out the name of the Katha I as going to perform. My voice was the loudest in class, and it gave me a bit more confidence. After that, I sat down again. Many children were called to do their Kathas and I observed my mistakes and their mistakes. 

Soon, the whole class had to stand up for Kihon. Kihon is when you charge forward, repeating the same punch, kick or defense. That was quite easy. Then came the main bit of the whole exam. The fight. Each student had to fight with three or more children of their same age, size, level or belt. I had to fight with the eldest and biggest boy in class.

After the fight we had to do the conditioning. 2 rounds of frog jumping, sit-ups, push-ups and namaskar.

Now came the most wonderful part of the exam. for me. The results were given out. The eldest boy in class got 55. Another boy in the class, two years elder to me got 60. That was the highest marks of the class at the moment. I knew that no one would top that! But I was proved wrong. My marks were read out by my teacher just after that. I couldn’t believe my ears wen I heard my teacher say that I got 65 marks. I got the highest marks in my class that exam.  I felt like jumping through the roof. I was so extremely happy!

It was truly the best exam. yet!


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