The midnight feast!

Today, my sister and I asked our mother to go to the nearby store and  buy chips, biscuits and candy, because we are having a midnight feast! I’ve read about midnight feasts in many Enid Blyton books, such as St. Clair’s and Malory Towers.

I was really happy and excited. My parents knew all about this, but we made them promise that they would act like as if they knew nothing about it. We bought lots of chips, tic-tac boxes and 2 miniature pens. I and my sister decided to not sleep that night and just in case we go to sleep, we were borrowing my fathers phone to set an alarm for twelve o’ clock. This was my first midnight feast and I was really happy. The whole day had been wonderful, because , when I woke up, I played with my puppy and then after lunch, I went with my father and sister and swam in a pool.

So you see, it was a wonderful day. And the best part was, it wasn’t over yet! My sister agreed to go with my mother to buy all the stuff. She bought a pack of Bingo Mad Angles and three packs of Lays. She also bought two packs of tic-tac!

My father and mother watched Spider Man 2 with us before we went to sleep. We soon woke up as the alarm went off. We dressed up and went out in the hall. We wanted to go out in the courtyard and have a moon-light feast, but our mother forbade us to.

We had a packet of the Lays in the hall, playing Uno. Then we had another packet in our bedroom. The rest of it was had while we watched television. My sister dozed off in the middle. Our plan was to water the garden, make breakfast in bed and open the doors and windows for or parents. But as you’ll would’ve guessed, I went to sleep too! It was a mistake, really. I just wanted to lie down when I suddenly fell asleep. I woke up at 6:30 am, finally. My parents had just woken up, and I told them how we fell asleep. They laughed. We had had a good time, but we fell asleep in the middle.

I swore to myself that the next time we’ll hold a midnight feast, I’ll do all the things that I wanted to do now. And so I did! But that’s, another story!


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