Saturday’s Pinks! (continuation of Adventures of a rainy day.)

‘I can’t eat anymore,’ I announced at the dinning table, June 19th, a Saturday morning. I was too excited to be able to swallow another morsel. I was going to go to Maharashtra with my best friend in the van! I mean, there are many more exciting things that I’d done, but to be with Michelle again, well, it was to good to be true.

But this time, it was true! I looked at the well in our backyard and visualized what might happen  today. I wished that afternoon would come soon. I had a lot of packing to do since I had a cold,which was really a pity, because I hate packing. But anyway, a small thing like that wasn’t going to stop me from making my day! No, it wasn’t going to.

I packed my extra jackets and sweaters and things.Later that morning I wanted to surf the net a bit because I hadn’t played for a long time, so I headed to the red room, our family study, and played games on various sights.  My sister walked into the room half an hour later with an English note book in hand. That reminded me of the music I had to study. I go for key board every Sunday. I sat down at a sunny spot in my room and started studying.Then it was time to lay the table for lunch. I had a very extremely light one since I had a very late breakfast.

My mother and father then went to discuss some important work and my sister ran off to play Uno with herself. I was left alone. I walked to the courtyard and and let the hot sun rays touch my face. This was the best feeling ever! The anticipation is the best bit, I say. Soon, my mum called me to come and dress up. I put on my mountain pants and fashionable black with shining stripes of red and gold t-shirt. I grabbed my bag-pack. I was ready to roll!

I waved to my grandma, sister and Feni. I was off! I was lost in my thoughts when my granddad entered the car. My parents drove ,me and grandpa to Michelle’s house and the both of us played while we waited for the taxi.Then it all happened very fast.

Before I knew it, I was seated in the taxi that would be taking us to Maharashtra, or at least a little way, with Michelle, her mom, her brother and her sister and my grandfather waving to my parents. As soon as my parents were out of sight, I lay back in the taxi and thought about what a lucky girl I am. There were two people in the taxi apart from all of us. There was a girl in the eighth standard and her father. I said hi, and so did Michelle and her family and my grandpa. We passed time by playing games and singing songs. Michelle’s mom knew a lot of them!

Soon we reached the spot where the second, and bigger taxi would pick us up.We were fortunately near a gym, so we could play in it. We first entered the gym We ran he treadmill for five minutes only, because the lady who owned the gym forbade us to do more without warming up. So we ran to the door and dashed out of the gym. There were photos of many muscular men and women all around the outside of the gym, so we tried copying a few of them.

We were having a good time, when suddenly Stephen (Michele’s brother) shouted ‘The taxi’s come, hurray’ All of us ran to the taxi and got inside. After a very long wait, the taxi finally started. It was a really bumpy ride, till we finally reached the spot where other tourists or Goans would join us.

After some time everyone was loaded in the van, and we set off. We planned to see the sunset at a special place called “Sunset Point “, which was in Maharashtra, but it was already dark when we reached a small little teashop, fifty kilometers from our destination. I didn’t have any tea, but I did have some chips that a friendly lady offered everyone.

Soon we reached our hotel. It was called “Vrindavan”. My granddad and me stayed in one room together. We unpacked and then went to a restaurant called “Hotel Sai Anant Palace”. We had a hearty dinner and then went back to our hotel room.

Tomorrow is be another day, and I’m sorry to say that I can’t capture it in a blog. But if you come over to my house, I can tell you all about it!

(This post is called “Saturday’s pinks” because it isn’t like the usual Saturday’s blues!!)


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