Feni, Oh, Feni!

It was a hot afternoon, the 14th of August, the day just before my birthday. I was turning ten! I would “fit in” better at the clubs at my school. I was really excited. I was just lazing in my courtyard, when Feni, my darling little pup, came running out of the dining room. She jumped onto me (almost bursting my stomach) and started licking every visible part of my body. I giggled and she did so.

Then out of nowhere… a few hens came dashing into my one acre property. I didn’t bother to shoo them away, because I knew that Feni would do that, and sure enough, in a few moments, Feni was out in the sunshine, chasing them like crazy. I laughed so much that my tummy ached when Feni could not catch the swift hens. Of course, they flew about a bit, but all in all, they outsmarted Fenuma. Finally, all but one hen were safely back in their little-hen coop. Th poor little last-hen was searching frantically all over the place for a good hiding spot. Then it did something really foolish…

I was watching “the chase”, when the hen mad a dash for the deserted, green forest next to my house (well, deserted except for a few animals). I thought that Feni would give up, but no! She was determined to catch the last hen, and would make sure it happened at all costs. She ran to the little stone wall which was built by my house’s previous owners. I knew what she would try to do next. She’ll try to leap over the wall and race after the poor hen, and maybe never be found again.

I, panic stricken, ran to my slippers and ran like the wind to the place where Feni was standing. She took one last glance at me, and jumped over the wall. I knew I had no time to waste, so I quickly ran towards the long way to the forest. As I reached the forest’s entrance I crossed my fingers. Feni could be lost even now, all alone in the deep, dark woods. The ferocious barks of my next door neighbor’s German shepherd’s  made me all the more terrified (though now come to think of it, I really don’t  quite know why). I hoped that I could see her, wherever she was. I quickly turned and there she was, standing right in the middle.

I ran like I never did before, and grabbed her. The prickly thorns were scratching my bare legs really bad, but I didn’t care. My only thought was to get her back. To make matters worse, she didn’t even have a collar, so I couldn’t eve pull her all the way home. That meant….. I’d have to carry her!!! Can you imagine a 27kg. girl carrying a 21kg. dog? I couldn’t, but I had to.

I pulled her out of there somehow, and then started my long journey home, or so it seemed. Two (main) things that made the journey seem longer were:

1) When we passed the pigsty, Feni wanted to know what it contained. So she strode along to it. Fortunately, you couldn’t enter the pigsty without entering the backyard, so I pulled her back to me (Which is quite a task!).

2) She would not stop wriggling! Whatever I did she wriggled and wriggled like a very wriggly wriggle worm. That made me tired and almost impossible to carry her.

By the time I reached home I was totally exhausted. I decided that in future, if hens do come into our property, I will also them myself!!!


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