State-Level Fall

Well, I think that the best way to start this post is to tell you about what it’s about. A few days ago, my music sir chose me and a few girls to do a patriotic song for the all state competition. I was very excited, and as we were going to another school, we had to be really prepared. We were called very often during school hours to practice. The day finally came. We were not nervous, so we did only one practice there. When we saw the other performers practicing even just before their act, we laughed at how unprepared they looked.

We were the second to perform. There is this little boy, Falgun, who played the bongo for us, while sir played his jet black guitar. We walked on stage, not knowing which artist should stand where, unlike the previous band. Anyways, I was still quite sure that the judge’s would be blown off y our music. We started off quite shakily, but I kind of knew that the chorus would be carried on well.

In the middle of the second verse, we stumbled on the words a bit. As our song was very high pitched, the power of our voices were fading away. At the end, I somehow did not realize that  had to move out of the stage. After many nudges from the girl after me, I was pushed out of the stage. Though all these antics took place, a thunderous applause followed. That made me even more sure that we would win.

At that moment, everyone agreed, but after the next few performances, they began saying that we would lose. All but me and Falgun. Even music sir had lost hope! I felt so bad. How could they just loose hope like that??

Lots of speeches were made before the grand announcement. Who would be the winner? I had lot’s of hope left, and Falgun and me were crossing our fingers like mad. We were really exited. There were first, second and third trophies, plus two consolation ones! I was even more super sure! But, my hopes were dashed as even the first place was announced. There was a coincidence though. The school that we had gone to, to perform, they won the first place. Maybe it was a fixed plan? Maybe not.  but I was so enraged that I could believe anything at that moment.

Then I found out hat the winners were going to Bangalore for the next level in patriotic singing, the nationals. I was blabbering all the way home that it was all a fixed plan. Later my mom told me that I was being a spoiled sport and a bad loser. I then realised how well the winners had sung. But, instead of a trophy, I had gained some knowledge. This is a little bit of it-

First, never be overconfident. Always prepare yourself for the best.

Follow the rules. As it was totally Indian, the guitar that sir played was only asking for trouble.

Remember, there’s always a next time!

When people deserve to win, let them. You can always try again.


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