Exhausting Prep…

Hi! Once again. I haven’t been able to blog in the past few the days, because of my now daily two and a half hour karate practice. Do you want to know why?? I’ll tell you, because of my karat competition! I’m so very excited! It’s starts at November 5th till November 7th. It’s going to be held at Bombay, so we’re going there by train. Now that I’ve told you so much, I’d better tell you the rest. So, here goes!-

I’m taking part in karate and weapons. It’s first of all a great honor to be chosen for the competition, and above that, I’m also in weapons! In the beginning, I thought that I would quit after my yellow belt. Now I think that I will not leave even after my black belt! I feel so attached to the sport, that I cant even imagine leaving it. It’s become a very big part of my life. Coming back to the competition, We’re going to leave on 4th. As there were no tickets of 1st class sleeper AC, for our journey to Bombay, we have to adjust in a 2nd class seater. But while coming back, though, we’ll be arriving in a 1st class sleeper, AC.

When we reach the station at Bombay, we will immediately board a taxi and head to our booked hotel, “Prince”. It’s three star, you know! As it will already be night, we’ll directly g to sleep. I have already told you about Ravi, the fifteen year old student of my admired sir. He’s the eldest, so two of us small kids will sleep with him, two with teacher, two with sir and one of the girl’s parents are coming. The girl will sleep with her parents along with another child. I’m to be sharing a room with my teacher, though it’s not confirmed yet.

In the morning, Ravi, sir and teacher will be going to the competition stage, because Ravi’s competition will be on the first day itself. Teacher and sir will entrust us with Sherman, the black belted student of sir. (He started martial arts at the age of 4, with the intention of becoming Jackie Chan! Now, we all address him as Jackie Chan, even sir and teacher. This year at January, he had won eight gold medals, two silver and one bronze. All at one shot. Sir expects him to get eighteen medals, gold medals, next time, and I’m sure he’ll live up to Sir’s expectations.) When sir and teacher come back, It’ll b evening, so we’ll have tea, do a little practice, and theory and ten fall asleep.

The next day, we’ll have to do our competition, from ten to fourteen. Thank goodness that I managed to turn ten just in time, so that I just skipped being in the 5 to 10 group. I would’ve won so may medals, but I’m looking for real competition, for a real win.

After that, we’ll relax while that last group battles it out in the ring. While coming back, we’ll lay back and have fun in the cool AC! It’ll be the best! I may even come on the paper! Wow!

PS- I will try to blog more frequently!


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