Change of Plans = Smashing Fun!

Hi! It’s me again!

First of all, I want to wish you a happy, really happy Diwali! I also wanted you to know about a little bit of today’s adventures…

A guest, named Shiv, and his brother, Arya along with their parents, came to stay six days ago. We had like loads of fun and it got over all to soon. We played on the net, irritated some local kids, played on my PSP, did many games of connect four, went on a walk, managed a big quarrel and played dark room.

We were really enjoying each others company. And the best part was, Shiv was my age, so I wasn’t the eldest. (During their stay, Shiv had already stayed back with us while his parents and brother went shopping in Panjim.) All in all, we got more, much more than we had bargained for.

Then came the really dreaded day, the day when Shiv and Arya would leave!

My sis and I were really sad, and my sister was on the verge of crying. Actually, that was kind of, not-so-nice, because we had six whole days, packed-to-the-brim with fun, but farewells are always (mostly) sad.

Shiv’s face was drooping down, till Arya told him the good news. Herre’s what he told him-

ARYA (with a wink, don’t know why) – Hey, Shiv? Do you wanna stay back?
SHIV – Can I?
ARYA – With permission from mom and dad, I don’t see why not?

(By the way, Shiv and Arya live in Australia, but are Indians. They come to India once in two years. Also, now they were going to stay at a hotel in Goa.)

SHIV – Let’s go ask!

So the both of them raced to ask their parents. Their mom’s reaction was. ‘No way. You are going to stay with us, Shiv.’ And dad’s? ‘Yeah, go on. It’ll be a nice experience for you!’

I pleaded aunty to let Shiv stay on, but no was the answer. Finally, Shiv insisted on staying, and aunty had to give in. He dug out his clothes and came inside our house. We had to drop him at the hotel tomorrow. So, we played on the computer, and ate ice-cream. We raked the leaves, too, and sat amazed, watching them burn up, sending cloudy smoke into the air.

I had to change into my karate uniform when it became 4.00pm. My sis and I went for our karate class.


I was way beyond excited when we drove up the driveway. Maybe we could spend the night in the tent? It was going to be awesome! When I dashed inside, bad news awaited. Shiv’s mom could bear it no longer, and was coming back to pick Shiv up! In like an hour she would be arriving. We tried making the most of the time we had here, but our mind was only on his sudden change of the timing of his departure.

We watched T.V, And were about to head to the tent for a final game of connect 4, when the taxi drove up. Shiv obediently got out his clothes, said a really sad goodbye and drove off.

My sister threw a tantrum, but I think that it was bad on her part. Shiv stayed on with us for an extra eight hours. Plus, we might make it to his hotel tomorrow. We had a fun time, and I hope we meet again, soon!


Let us know what you think!! [Unless it's negative. In that case, don't bother :P]

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