Helping hands…

Hey! I’m back, with a new blog. And, before I begin, I’d like to remind you that my competition’s drawing real close! It’s day after tomorrow! Please wish me luck…

About the blog, well, a few days ago, I heard that Our Lady (mother Mary) was going to visit our village. It would not have been such a great thing if not for the time span before the next visit, which is twenty-five years! Plus, she’s never come so close to our village. The whole village will be gathering for, as I call it, “The great white wash!” Picking up our rakes, my neighbor and I cleared the place of dried, withering leaves. (I was the youngest helper, till my sis came, which was about an hour after I arrived) Then, my friend’s dad started cutting the weeds of the sidewalks. My mum then marched out the entrance of my house, with icy cold drinks. We served everyone, and they were really thankful. My mom offered me some, but I politely refused, as I hate coke. We worked for a lot more time, till dawn made it’s way to our sun-kissed village. I stared at the orange sky, lost in my thoughts.

It had been suck a beautiful sight, watching the folks of my village collect together and work in unity and peace. I f only the whole country, no…the whole world would follow this!

It had been a wonderful evening, tiring myself out with such jolly, hard working and humorous people. We cracked a ton of jokes, and they DID have the funny bone!

My dad was waiting at the front porch with Feni. I narrated the day’s adventures, and he listened attentively.

My village’s people turned out to be so peaceful and exciting to spend the evening with. Waht about your’s?


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