Practise Trusha, practise!

Hey! Well, am in a bit of a hurry, ’cause my competition’s today! I had to squeeze in time to blog, though, so…

When I was small, and lived in this beautiful villa in the locality of a place called ‘Palm’s Springs’, a friend of mine, Ria, was always giving me advice to help me do the activity better. She’d scream when I would try out my new dance style, ‘Trusha! Jumping is not dancing!’ And when I would start singing my favorite songs, she’d say, ‘Screaming is not singing!’ and when I would try to cycle but give up after a few seconds, she’d remind me ‘Practice, Trusha, practice!’

So, as you can see, she was there with me all the time, ready with one of her dialog even when I do the slightest thing wrong. At that time, I was really small, so I just ignored her, but now I understand that there was meaning in her words. When I head to my karate class nowadays, I keep chanting my mantra, ‘Practice Trusha, practice!’ It helps me, you know.

Just a few days ago, I was just lazing in the back seat of my father’s Hyundai Tucson, when it hit me with a bang. ‘It’, the competition, was only a few days away! I had not thought about it till that very moment. From August I was aware that it was three months away, and somehow it still felt like that! I practiced my heart out in the classes after that, and now I’m confident in what I’m going to put forward.

Today, I’m setting out for my competition in just a few hours. Wish me luck!


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