Diary of the best-est doggie! (An introduction)

Hey! It’s me, Trusha. And I’m back, after ever-so-long! This whole post is about Feni, with a twist. Wondering what that means?? Read on, folks!



Ms Feni

Hi. It’s me, Feni, the amazing. My sis, Trusha, must’ve told you about me. I’m not as greedy as she describes, you know. I’m actually really composed, mature and loving. And I love my mom, Bennita. She’s the greatest person ever. My father and granddad are awesome too. And my grandma? Well, all I can say is that with a bit of coaxing, I can twist her any way I want around my little paw. No kidding. If I roll on the floor and display my most adorable doggie-eyes, I can get her to do anything for me. And I love my sisters also. They really bug me at times, but otherwise, they love me loads (I hope). My hobbies are snoozing, smooching and relaxing (How can I help that? I’m a Goan!). Oh, and I do like eating, but, as I said before, I’m no greedy dog. (I do admit that I’m a wee bit too lazy.)

My favourite place in the world (except my home) is the pet vet’s… hospital thingy. I love visiting the hospital because of three reasons.

1) Because I get to meet really handsome dogs there.

2) Whenever I go there, I’m guaranteed at least one scrumptuous chew. Yum!

So those are… what? I said three? Well, I miscalculated, alright? Coming back to the point, those are the reasons I love the place. I go there on regular visits. That’s the best part.

People (and a few dogs) say I’m… well… fat. But if anything, I’m totally underweight. I just weigh like thirty kilos. And I’m very proud of my skinny figure. And, just for info, I visit the gym daily and do a workout for about six hours. Fine, just one hour. Okay, okay. Once a month, but that’s better than nothing, right?

And I’m sure that once I’m skinny and all, they’ll all get super hyper and start stuffing me with eggs and milk and all sorts of fats. So I save them the trouble by being a bit… not so slim. And instead of thanking me, they gasp at me and make fun of me and all sorts of stuff. It’s worse than a dog’s life. And if not for the chaos and utter confusion that it would’ve caused if I vanished one night, I would’ve run away long ago.

Another reason why I’ve not run away yet is the living condition after I’m on the road. There’ll be stinky strays and dirty pigs. It’s just that I’m so perfect that I just can’t bear mangy mutts and the rest. I’m a home dog, not a bit of trash.

Hey, one sec. Yup’, that’s my sister’s van arriving. I’d better go and greet them, or they’ll make a big deal out of it and call me all sorts of names. I’ll see you guys later, okay?

Secret agent Feni,

Over and out.  


4 thoughts on “Diary of the best-est doggie! (An introduction)

  1. chiqutam says:

    Hi! It’s Trusha. I’m sorry I haven’t been able to blog, but it’s partially my mum’s fault. She doesn’t even let me glance at her new laptop, forget blog. I hop that I will be able to blog more frequently from now on.

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