Diary of the best-est doggie! – My Boney and me…

18/3/2012   Sunday

Hey. It’s Feni (the great) here! Wanna’ hear about yesterday’s escapades? Here goes my tragic story…

Wistful Feni

My big sis, (I call her “Tee”) always loves to see me exercise. According to her, I’m a “lazy lump,” but I see it as “obedient.”  Anyway, the first time she called me by the word “run,” I knew that something was up. But, as usual, I can’t be so smart all the time, can I? So I jogged up to her, (she calls it crawling) and then she threw my favouritest bone on the lawn. That got me furious. How dare she? She never flings her toys out, does she? So I went back a few steps, and then raced down with all the speed and force I’d got.

My tongue hanging out, I searched all over the lush, green grass for my dear bone, but in vain. Now comes the unfair part. Tee used her newest gadget that she calls “specz” to locate my purple bone in no time at all. It looks like two oval pieces of glass attached to a steel wire that I think has the ability to indicate whenever anyone’touches it, because whenever I try to steal it to try it out for myself, her voice comes from nowhere, booming, ‘Feni, drop it!’  How come she gets the cool stuff?

Coming back to my miserable day, she then picks up boney and waves it in front of my nose, trying to boast about how she found it faster than me. That stinks, because if she didn’t have glasses I would’ve found it way quicker than her.

To make things worse (if that’s possible) she’ll throw boney once again, and this time, down the very steep slope at the back. She then expects me to dash after it, which, as you probably know, I definitely WON’T do. So I sit there, comfortably on the sand, waiting for her to make a move. After all, she threw my bone out in the first place, didn’t she? Then approaches Trikaya, Tee’s devilish sister. Both of them would make a really good pair of first class Satans, if you ask me. Trikaya’ll push my fragile rear end, and I’ll promptly go rolling down the slope. Curse those kids!

Then they’ll prompt me to fetch my bone, which makes no sence, because they’ll eventaully throw it back. So I don’t move, and then comes mom. She’s kind of the best person in the family, because she is my food supplier. She’ll run across to my bone, making my really angry. She just comes along and steals my boney! I ran as fast as the speed of light and manage to reach before her by two seconds. I grab my bone, and try to reach home before any more crazy family members arrive. But Tee, her sis and mom chase me till I’m ready to drop dead. But they still won’t leave me.

So I escape, by running to the kitchen via my secret way, behind the garage and through the utility. But they start scolding me because I’m not allowed into the kitchen. Phew! Gimme’ a break man! So after a lecture, I’m forced to lap cold water (which Tee generously poured into my bowl. She does that every time I do any kind of exercise) and then flop down under the bed. Finally, peace!

Tee and Trikaya come to fondle my ears, because frankly, I think that nobody can ignore my irresistible features. Then I was called for lunch and things seemed reasonably better. And, you may not believe it, but my parents developed their brains so much in one day that they decided that, instead of torturing me, to reward me with a bowl of sumptuous vanilla flavoured ice cream every time we went for a walk or ran or anything! I pranced around the whole house with joy. Yippee! Finally, things were going my way. And that’s what I call sweet, baby!

Secret agent Feni,

Over and out!


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