Cake Blast

Hey there!! It’s me again. And I really have to tell you about my class field-trip, that’s to take place in a day’s time. Well, you’ll never guess where we’re going. Not in a million years! So I’ve decided to let you in on it. We’re going to…wait for it…the Mongini’s cake factory! I never thought that we’d go there. And Trikaya, my sister, is going with her class to an ice-cream factory (personally, I’d rather go there)! She’s so lucky, but so am I. It’s not every kid that get’s to enter a cake (or ice-cream) factory, is it?

And it’s definitely better than last year’s excursion. We went to Old Goa! Don’t know what or where that is?  Well, they’re a crumbling, old churches and temples of, prehistoric time! No, that’s an exaggeration. You could say…that they stood for the last couple of centuries.

So, back to the point, as you can see, there’s a drastic change in our principal sir’s taste of “kid’s fun” in just a about a year! Amazing, isn’t it. So, the picnic’s only on Thursday, and as I have nothing more to say at the moment on my field trip, I’d better end. But don’t worry. I will update you on my trip as soon as mom let’s me use her computer again. Okay? Thanks for being so co-operative, and forgive me for the micro-organism length of this post, but you know the reason.




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