Field Fun


‘Don’t you dare touch my pony!’

‘Gosh! You’re so touchy! What’s up?’

‘Guys! I think Miss Belle wants us to go down again!’ 

‘Again? No way man!’

‘Sorry. Hey, there she goes again! Stop it Natalie!’

‘Tee? I hope that you got you’re lunch box. At this rate, we’ll never enter the factory, forget taste a sample!’

Those are the topics my BFF’s and I were discussing just after we reached the Monginis cake factory. I was almost dying of thirst, and my friends were busy gabbing. The fact that the factory was just beside me, and, despite that, we were standing in the scorching Sun, being burned alive. ‘This is so NOT what I expected.’ I grumbled. ‘Same here. This is so lame.’ Malaika, one of my friend’s complained. This was followed by a series of yes’s from our classmates.’The fourth graders have already entered. Just because we are older doesn’t mean that we should be roasted like this. I hate this.’  Rachel, another girl from the lot added with a sigh.

In about fifteen minutes, Miss Belle, our teacher, gestured for us to get inside. I obediently followed the others inside, and watched in awe at the marvelously crafted and designed edible masterpieces. So wow! Right now, we were at the main department, and I could see the almost finished but for touch-ups cakes through the glass windows to the finishing department. 

In the main dept., there were many interesting things in making. First, there was a batch of butter cookies, that was being designed. Then there were trays of prawn patties (I didn’t glance at it, but Malaika told me about it) and steaming hot platters of some strange substance. Everyone working there were quite rude, and whenever I had a doubt and asked them for an answer, they would just glare at me like as if I had just come out of prison for for murdering someone. Talk about unfriendly! 

But at the finishing dept., everything (or almost everything) was absolutely different. For starters, it was totally air-conditioned. And there was an aroma of chocolate globs and lemon extracts and strawberry pastes and orange twirls and raspberry swirls…you get the idea. The people working there were friendly, and politely answered all our questions. That’s what I call difference. As we exited the factory, a security handed us slices of sponge cake with mango spread on top. I took a bite and was teleported to the world of DE-licious. Lovely.

I guess that if we cut out the part where we’re shielding out eyes from the Sun, we could call it a fab-tastic field trip.  


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