Scare on the Beach

As our car neared the scenic Benaulim beach, my heart leaped. I love the  beach. Even if it means getting mouthfuls of salty water. I mean, who cares, right? I’m not an optimist, or anything, its just that I love the beach, and the natural feeling that comes with it. But you know what I love even more? Going to the seashore with Feni! That’s right, today my mom, dad, sis and I were taking Feni along, since she, like me, just loves splashing in the frothy waves.

I jumped out of dad’s Hyundai Tucson and raced my sister to the coast. ‘Yeah!’ I yelled, running about, felling the sand under my feet. ‘This is so much fun!’ My sister screeched, and the both of us jogged to the sparkling blue ocean. Wow! What else could I say? It was so enchanting, so spellbinding. My father, with Feni’s leash wrapped around his palm, dashed of to the water, with Feni on his side. Boy, didn’t she look excited!!

I tore off to splash my legs in the cool, refreshing water, my sister close on my heels. Since I didn’t bring a change of clothes, after a couple of minutes in the Sea, I slowly retreated to the sand. Slumping down, I inscribed my name on the sand. Trikaya, my sister, came running to me in a few seconds. I had spotted a boat nearby. It wasn’t very high, so it would be easy to climb. Tikku (my sis) got some rocks and formed a kind of step, or something, and got on.

As I hoisted myself onto the “deck,” I noticed something move. Curiosity getting the better of me, I lifted a plank of wood that lay on the wooden surface of the little yacht, the plank that had rustled just then. Nothing. I felt a little tingling sensation on my back. ‘What’s up?’ Trikaya asked me. ‘Something… moved.’ I explained. And the her face turned (I swear I am not exaggerating) white. White. And I am not even kidding.

She forced me to investigate further, which I did, since I really did want to find out what it was that caused that sudden movement. I guess time flew, and before we knew it, the Sun was setting, leaving us in a pitch black craft. ‘Um, sis?’ Trikaya asked me. ‘What??’ I asked, obviously irritated. Where was that intruder who dared to scare me? (Okay, I’ll admit it. I did get a bit… frightened. But what do you expect? I mean, I kind of breathe horror novels)

‘Where is mom and dad?’ She asked, nervously turning a lock of her hair. I stood up, and strained my eyes. I couldn’t see them. ‘They’ll come, soon enough. It’s not like they’re going to leave us here, or anything, right? Even though, I’m sure, it must be quite tempting.’ I responded. Giggling, my sister told me that she wanted to get down. ‘Sissy,’ I whispered under my breath. I jumped off and helped her down.

I sprinted to the lifeguard’s hut thingy and picked up my mom’s slippers (we hid it there). So, she hasn’t left the beach (or has she???????).  Scratching my head, I ran a little further, and was surprised that she wasn’t in sight. ‘Can you see her?’ Trikaya asked. ‘Nah. But I bet she’ll come back to us in about five minutes.’ I assured her.

Five minutes later, no mom, and no sign of her either. My sister has already burst into tears and was clinging on to me. ‘What if we get… kidnapped?’ She asked me. Inside, I was laughing my head off. Why was she acting so melodramatic? It’s not like they had left or anything, right? And she had her blue-belt sister right next to her. What was the problem?  ‘I’m sure nothing will happen.’ I said, going a little back to check whether the car was still there.

Five  more minutes later, and still no mom, dad or Feni, and no sign of them either. I have to admit, I started getting a little panicky at this stage. ‘What has happened to them?’ Trikaya asked, tears streaming down her face like a waterfall. ‘I…I don’t know.’ I stammered. What was taking them so long?? What if a wave had… Shooing negative thoughts out of my head, I tried to talk steadily, without stuttering.

We pulled ourselves back to the little boat and sat on the edge. What if something really happened to them??? What if this afternoon was the last time I ever got to see them???? What if…

And then I saw three figures walking along the beach, and it was, by far, the best feeling I have ever experienced.


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