Five Steps To Happiness :)

Yeah, I know. The title sounds way corny. I mean, every other digest has an article titled ‘Secrets of the Smile,’ right?? So what makes THIS post stand out?? Well, nothing, really, except for this comes from the heart. This is an eleven year old’s view on what makes happiness a permanent state of mind. Let the countdown begin:

5. FAMILY: One of the key things in life is the feeling of being wanted. Having a family who really cares and who will comfort you in your most depressing moments is really a boon. I remember one particular incident when I was down in the dumps because of something that had just happened to my close buddy. My parents were REALLY supportive and it helped me recover from that phase. I don’t think I would’ve gotten out of that situation without the help of my family. Sometimes, its best to just let others help.

4. DESIRE: Another essential clue leading you forward on your quest for joy is looking forward to something, or a goal to achieve, to at least, aim for. When your occupied, your mind gradually tends to think less and less about the sorrowful matters that have occurred previously when compared to if you were just sitting and grumbling about life in general. Having something to DO is one of the most important steps to your freedom of the frown, and one of the steps that is forgotten the most. Try it. Instead of wandering around your house like a zombie, why don’t you plan a trip to some destination that you’ve always been putting off?? Remember, where there is a will, there is most certainly a way. Or why don’t you try to hit the gym and lose all that extra flesh which your never going to need anyway (how much ever you may have convinced yourself otherwise)?? There is always something to do; and that is one more bit of magic that you have revealed.

3. OPTIMISM: You can fallow all the pointers you want, but you have to be able to see the silver lining -the bright side- of things to be able to enjoy the better part of the picture. If you can do this then half the battle is won because you are already seeing the joyous side of situations. Optimism is a quality possessed in many, but can also be formed in oneself if one is willing.  So the next time your pet Beagle dashes out into the fenced garden with your favorite pair of heels, don’t begin cursing the poor pet. Instead, think of it a a chance to run around and exercise. However crazy it sounds, it just might work!

2. REGULARITY: Don’t you hate the days when you wake up at eleven a.m because your alarm didn’t go off,  the maid shows up late with some lame excuse, the groceries have run out and your hosting a party that evening?? So, for all this to be avoided, have back-up. There should always be a Plan B. Humans get frazzled when things don’t go as per plan. That’s why its best to keep a clear mind as you list out the things that have gone wrong, so you can tackle the challenges one by one. But it is actually a waste of energy when you could’ve avoided that situation in the first place.Before going to bed every night, make sure everything is all ready and perfect tomorrow, even if tomorrow is “just another day.” Hostess of the boutique home-stay, Arco Iris once said, ‘Everything must run smoothly. That is the only principle I live on, because I have so many guests to look after, too. It is my job to make sure their stay is as pleasurable as possible, so if everything is done well and according to plan, I am a happy woman.’

1. H20:
This may come as a surprise to you, but research shows that staying hydrated can keep you happy. I feel particularly irritable when my throat is parched. As soon as you wake up in the morning, rush to the kitchen and drink 500 ml of water. It is not only good for your health but will most probably make your day begin with a happy note. Water not only keeps you alive but also filters your emotions.

Of course, to lead a happy life, one cannot just drink water. You have to follow all the steps given above. At least, when I follow the above pointers, I feel a lot better. Anyway, keep an open mind and try it out. You never really know.



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