Ode to Daddy

There I was, in my room,

A tiny shrimp of five,

Insisting about the things,

Under my bed that were alive.

Monsters and aliens, they were galore,

But there were even creatures

I’ve never heard of before…

They moved oh so quietly,

When my parents were there,

But when I was all alone,

I’d clutch my charcoal hair.

Just hearing them squeak,

And scramble around,

Was enough to send me darting,

To my parents part of ground.

One day my mother yelled,

Enough was enough!!

Even though it was scary, she said,

I’d have to be real tough.

I’d have to brave it out

And just endure,

The squeaking and the scrambling,

I’d just have to ignore…

I burst into tears

And screamed that the world was unfair,

Daddy put his arms around me,

And told me he was there.

He escorted me to my room,

And he put on the light,

He told me to stay out of my chamber,

While he and the monsters fight,

I obediently agreed,

And wished him best of luck,

He put on a brave face

And looked as strong as HULK!

In three minutes he emerged,

The battle had been won,

There were no aliens left under my bed,

Not even one.

I hugged my dad while,

He tucked me into bed,

I didn’t hear anything that night,

It calmed my sleepy head.

The next morning after a divine rest,

I rushed down the stairs,

I jumped on my dad and yelped,



2 thoughts on “Ode to Daddy

  1. chiqutam says:

    Super Tuchi…..Lovely Ode to your Dad….Am very impressed especially since I saw you dashing it off in 10 mins flat…….All the best and hope to see an Ode to your long suffering mom too!!

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