The Age Of Technology

The internet is taking over our lives rapidly. The usage of letters as a means of communication is slowly dying down. People are turning to inventions like Skype and Wassap to connect with relatives scattered over the globe.

Tweens sit hunched up over the computer’s keyboard, typing furiously about their new status; ‘Perched on the commode,’ ‘Blinking my eyes’ and ‘Killed mosquito number 57.’ Adults spend hours on end updating their Twitter accounts.

People actually going outdoors and spending the day picnicking with the family is turning into a rarity. Just the other day, as I sat around a table at a popular eatery with my parents and my little sister, I spotted a boy -not older than thirteen- ignoring the pleasant chatter his parents were indulging in. Instead, he feasted his eyes on his tablet, playing Minecraft like there was no tomorrow.

People are pushing the limits when it comes to social etiquette; phone calls answered during meals, texting pals during class hours, turning a deaf ear towards parents while surfing YouTube for Beyoncé’s latest video, dashing away to check emails every two seconds.

Then there are chat rooms. Weird, unknown places where you “talk” to weird, unknown people. Would you, in real life, admit your deepest, darkest secrets to a stranger?? Well, you seem to be confiding in foreigners quite easily while “talking” in cyber space.

This madness has got to stop. People have to realize that they are not living REAL life, but a virtual dream where you can be a penguin or a monster [depending on which website you are a member of].

If this craze continues, people will begin worrying about being employed on the internet, the same people who don’t give a damn about not having a a real job. The public will be more hesitant to give up their internet fantasy than to eat meals regularly. They will care more about their stomachs being full on than the agony their tummy’s are going through in real. The world will cease being the only planet with life -unless you consider YouTube-crazed so-called humans life-.

And when that happens, God save the Queen.


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