Moulin Rouge Waltz

As we swayed around the ballroom, she kept her jade mask pressed on her face. It was a masquerade, after all. But I’ve always felt it inappropriate to sport disguises while dancing [especially on formal occasions, such as this], so I asked her if I could have the honor of glancing at her face.

‘I’m sorry,’ she apologized, ‘But I can’t take it off.’

I let the matter rest. She made up for the obstinate veil by the way her legs and hands moved, in perfect sync and unmatchable grace.

She also reminded me of my wife, Meridith, who passed away a few years ago in an unfortunate train accident. The resemblance between their flowing movements was unmistakable.

I was soon lost in the music, but my thoughts kept wandering back to how Meridith had always wanted to perform one last dance routine with me before she passed. But alas, that was not to be.

I dismissed further reminisces about that topic as it was getting me in a dismal mood.

It was no doubt that my dance partner had beautiful style. When she danced, she looks like she’s gliding on ice. Of course, the song had to reach its end, and I found myself trying to savor [possibly] the very last moments in her presence.

‘Thank you,’ I whispered, as the song switched and another man came up to steal her away from me. She bowed -the most graceful bow that was ever performed- and began jiving with the waiting gentleman.

I spent the rest of the evening dining with the most regal of guests, having heated debates on politics and The Queen and inhaling rich cigars with the other men in the drawing room.

As the night wore on, I decided that maybe it was time to down a few glasses of the excellent Port Wine displayed on one of the tables. As I walked over to the counter, I spotted my former dance partner walking over to one of the moonlit moonlit balconies.

Following my impulse, I left the liquor counter and trailed after the emerald-masked beauty. I cautiously maintained a distance of ten meters.

I noticed her pulling of her hood, and waited with baited breath to finally behold her front.

I froze, paralyzed with fear, as I saw the features of my beloved Meredith unveil themselves in the full moon night.


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