Auntie Sony

Posh, chic,

A brainy girl

Fun, excited

So fast, she’s a whirl

Kind, generous,

Prada-full clothes

An expert driver;

A master on the roads

Freezers full of ice cream

Tubs and tubs

When you’re feeling down

It is your foot she rubs

I’m talking about a relative

Nah, she’s more than that

More like a BFF

With frills and fancy hats

My Aunt Sony

Is unique, thats for sure

With eyes so blue

And language so pure

Thanks Auntie S

For being such a great gal

To me you’ve been

The greatest pal!


9 thoughts on “Auntie Sony

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hey Trusha, Five stars to you for writing such a beautiful post. With lots of LOVE and admiration to you….continue with your wonderful talent. You are truly gifted. I PRAY that you scale new heights continually in your artistic endeavour. Much Love and kisses….muaahhhhh……

  2. Anonymous says:

    Trusha, I am so happy to see such a beautiful post from you. You have remarkable writing skills and are truly gifted. Much LOVE to you and I PRAY that you continually scale new heights in your literary abilities. This write up is so innocent and poetic. A big HUG.

  3. Vinod Bhandwalkar says:

    Dear Trusha, this is amazing and yo truly have a talent with words. Keep it up. This write up is so beautiful and innocent from the heart. I PRAY that you continually scale new heights in all your literary endeavours. MUCH LOVE…. Vinod

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