Fans roaring

Music pouring

Heart pounding

Paparazzi hounding

Fingers trembling

Crowds assembling

Ears thudding

Popcorn flooding

Lungs bursting

Truckers cursing*

Posters gleaming

People screaming

Legs scrambling

Feet rambling

Eyes twinkling

Coke sprinkling

Lips parting

Sneakers darting

Guitars strumming

Drummers drumming

Pianists playing

Crew swaying

Speakers blaring

Photographers staring

Folks emerging

Melody surging

Hearts throbbing

Heads bobbing

Hair flying

Parents sighing

Kids yelling

CDs selling

Batons glowing

Trumpets blowing

Pom-poms brushing

Children rushing

Jackets zipping

Packets ripping


The life of a



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