I’m not much of a “Chinese-take-out” person. I prefer oatmeal cookies to salted nachos and crispy carrots to Coke. The aroma of Mum’s paneer sabzi is more irresistible than a pack of crisps. On the other hand, when I take a glance at my peers, they seemed more attracted to canned juices [loaded with preservatives, I might add] and artificial flavoring. People are making trips to Burger King more frequent while reducing homemade meals; hogging on donuts instead of munching on apples.

[If you think THAT’S bad, wait till I get started on today’s youth…]

The KIDS, though, are WAY worse. Avoiding organic food items and turning to processed snacks is turning into a norm. The average American tween is obese. OBESE!! A few hundred years ago, humankind didn’t even know what “overweight” meant. They picked fruit and ate it within minutes. No pulping, squashing, juicing, packaging… Just think about it. Pluck… pop it in your mouth!! Amazing, right??

I’m sure the teens of today won’t know an orange if it hit them in the face. But chips?? Oh, they’ll name every single chip brand that ever existed.

Kids today ingest cholesterol, fats and calories without even knowing it. Slurping fizzy frinks while on the phone?? Acidity problems later on. Popping in mints during a Star Wars marathon?? Well, there are so many things wrong with that sentence, I don’t even know where to start!!

I think that we need ti expose the “future of tomorrow” to healthier eating options. Let them excersise the extra weight off [no matter how much you’ve convinced yourself otherwise, those kilos aren’t going to help them. EVER] and start thinking about the consequences of downing that Red Bull.

Because, the way I see it, there is NOTHING good about junk food, period.


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