Mr Seahorse

“Hello Mr Seahorse

How are you today??

I’m so glad you happened

To be coming my way!!”

“Good Afternoon, Taylor

I am fine, thank you

Oh, *I almost forgot*,

How do you do?”

“I’m fine, Mr Seahorse

Mum and Daddy too

But tell me what are you doing

Out of the ocean blue??”

“Just thought I’d come for a while

See the changes since

I’ve last been above here

This part of the province.

I have to say it’s developed

Lots and lots and lots

And people make more money

Pots and pots and pots

But have they thought about us??

Apart from at the zoo???”

Asked Mr Seahorse

Not without a hint of rue

“Sorry Mr Seahorse

But I’ve got to go

Mummy’s calling me inside

From the wooden door

But you’re right, you know, about our thoughts

How we don’t think of you

Except for when we’re picnicking

At the vibrant zoo

I will from now, see if I don’t

But I really need to go

Do stop by whenever you walk

Down our little road.”


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