To The Beach

Are the shovels packed??

And my swim suit??

And will it all fit

In the Chevrolet’s boot??

Finally we’re off

The car zooms away

The sky is pale blue

What a perfect day!!

We’ve reached the beach

Dad unloads his car

I hear waves crash

On the rocks not far

The golden sands

Melt under my toes

The restaurant aromas

Are a treat to the nose

I jump into my swim suit

And slather on some cream

So far, today has been

Nothing but a dream!!

I dive into the water

My mouth curled in a smile

When did I last come here??

Boy, it has been a while!!

We eat out at some shack

The oceans claps and booms

There are tiny ripples in the sea

And giant waves waves that loom

Alas, it is time to go

The day has reached a close

We’ve all had a great time

But, that everybody knows!!


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