Up, down, up, down

My body throws itself

Up, down, up, down

I want to stop and cry for help

Tummy crunches at the gym

My stomach feels like steel

But is that a compensation

For the fingers I now can’t feel??

You see, all this exercise

Is my doc’s remedy

My fingers froze last winter

And for me to become me

I have to hit the treadmill

At least once a day

This is like self-inflicted torture

I’m burning myself away

Wriggle, wriggle, side to side,

I crawl most painfully

Wriggle, wriggle, side to side

I’m as damaged as can be

Sweat, tears, sweat again

Oh, I’m a smelly wreck

Doctor, please check me up

Coz’ now I can’t feel my neck!!


4 thoughts on “Pain

    • chiqutam says:

      ThanksThanksThanksThanksThanksThanksThanksThanksThanksThanksThanksThanksThanksThanksThanksThanksThanksThanksThanksThanksThanksThanksThanksThanksThanksThanksThanksThanks! 😉

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