OurWorld 2.0


Blue font= Daddy talking

Black font= Lotta talking


Lotta watches the rain splash

From the window pane

The fun monsoon has just begun

Oh how lovely is the rain!!


Her Dad comes to join her

They talk about the earth

Lotta discovered many a fact

Perched on the rug of hearth


‘Did you know, my little girl,

That every single day

Every single day, that is

From June, all through May,’


’56 brilliant species

Of birds and beasts alike

Get extinct, just vanish,’

‘Oh Daddy, that’s just hype!!’


Lotta shook her head

Her lips pursed in a line

How could so many disappear

So many that were so fine??


‘Do you know why this happens Dad??’

‘Of course I do, my child,

It’s thanks to global warming

And us cutting down the wild,’


Daddy turned all solemn

A grim aura around his face

‘Is this was had become

Of our so-called human race??’


Lotta asked her father,  

Filled with disbelief,

Taking something that wasn’t ours,

Just like a common thief!!


‘That’s not all, sweet Lotty,’

Dad said to his kid

‘All this garbage we just throw,

We just have to rid,’


‘For it is causing harm

To the fauna who consumes

The plastic and the paper

The cotton from old looms,’


‘Oh Daddy, please do stop it!! 

I can’t hear no more.

To think about the wrongness

That goes on behind our front door!!’


‘Let’s do something instead

Of just talking to ourselves,

Let’s try to save the world,

And be the earth’s little elves!!’


‘You are right, my little girl,

Right you are indeed.

But for me to save this huge planet,

I should first save me!


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