Bird Talk

‘Tweet, tweet,’  they sweetly exchange

From one bird to another

They pigeon says to the jet black crow

‘ ‘What’s going on now, brother??’


‘Oh nothing much, just daily chores,’

The crow responded, rolling his eyes,

‘But these retched summer months

I’m REALLY beginning to despise.’


‘Why is that, my brother bird??’

The pigeon asked his bud,

‘I thought you liked the radiant sun,

The days without the soft, wet mud,’


‘It is true, you are so right,

But be that as it may,

I don’t like when people travel

Even for a single day


‘Because the birdbaths go unfilled

And there aren’t scattered crumbs o’ break,

That is why, oh brother bird

These summer months I dread.’


‘You’re just plain lazy, crow,

So lazy, it’s UNHEARD,’

And with that, Polly pigeon

Left her brother bird


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