Mr Clock, The Superhero

It sits on the wall as still as a rock

Its long hands bobble like a boat on a dock

It clicks rhythmically, ‘Tick Tock’ all day

No time for work, not time for play

People stare at him, many often go

‘Oh LOOK Sue!! It’s already quarter past four!!’

Except for the odd, shrieked-out sigh

Or the rare, muffled, hurried goodbye

He’s very lonely, perched on the wall

Nobody gives him attention at all!!

Until one fine day, when he’s almost given up

[Nobody pays him any head, that’s just his luck!!]

Little Beth and even littler Mary and Joe

Say, ‘LOOK at the time!! Quick, rush to the door!!”

Before dashing out the house, like in an Olympic race

The kids go to the clock and touch his face

‘Mr Clock, you’re our hero, you saved us from being late!!’

Well, thought the clock, that sure was worth the wait!!


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