From the very first whistle to the end of the match

Every moment is full of surprise

Everyone observes the slick Bazooka

From the semi-drunk to the guy who sells ice


It’s FiFa time, after four whole years

How I missed all this fun and the noise

The spectators scream like love struck kids

As the field gets dotted with boys


From Ghana to France to Ivory Coast

And Argentina to boot

This tournament is choke-full of stars

No wonder the audience hoot!!


Oops, it’s time to go, switch the TiVo on

Get a bowl of pepper popcorn and then

Round up my family, settle of the chair

As another game does commence!!


2 thoughts on “FIFA

  1. Isha (you knew it was me, no?) says:

    even i missed all the fun and the noise…………
    but i like ipl more than fifa, dunno y…

    • chiqutam says:

      Not sure how much I can agree with you, even though I LOOOOOOVE the IPL [as you already know thanks to the amount of times I’ve paraded the school yelling CSK!! CSK!!!!!!!!!!!!!]…

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