My Big Solo

The drummer taps his sticks together

A one, a two and a three

The audience silence themselves

As they start listening to me


My voice soars above the crowd

Bold, strong and sweet

Before the chorus has begun

The parents are on their feet


My face breaks into a smile

As I hear them sing with me

Baby give me one more chance/

Come on set me free!!


I end the song in style

Hitting the high note perfectly

“They like me! The like ME!!”

I think, my eyes shining with glee


I can’t believe it’s over already

The show is almost done

The Principal is giving a speech

On how the whole thing has been fun


And while I completely agree

One hundred percent [and ten!]

I wish I could rewind the day

And play it all again!!



2 thoughts on “My Big Solo

    • chiqutam says:

      Thanks. Thanks.
      [The first Thanks was for talking to Meg about WoofDiaries. She has already posted, like, 76,000 comments]
      [The second Thanks was for the SUPER sweet remark on my poem :] )

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