The Meadows o’er The Hill

My Grandma warned me not to go

To the meadows o’er the hill

She talked about the boy’s who went

And have not come back still


But I went one noon

While my Grandma napped

I really wanted to see

This magical garden of secrets

The place where fairies be


I walked and walked and walked and walked

For hours and hours on end

And just when I was giving up

I saw it, lying after a bend


I forgot all my tiredness after

One glance at all that green

So much vibrancy, so many colours

I had never before seen


I climbed the trees and hurt my knees

I made a castle out of mud

I rolled around the very moist ground

And picked up flower buds


At last, as the sun went to sleep

I gathered all my things

To go, but I’d soon be back

To make more dandelion rings


Just as I crossed the sharp left curve

I heard a wrinkly voice hurrup

‘I told you not to come here,’

Before my Grandma ate me up


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