My Class


Do you really want me to start

On kids who FART as an art??

OK, then, you asked for it, dude

Just try not to bring out last night’s food…

Let’s start with their snotty noses

Their unshapely ears, their yellow toeses

They’ll scream, shout, yell, pout

Spend history lessons standing out

Tattle on the rest like saintly saints

Their scruffy clothes will make you faint

The regular “F” stamped across their tests

When it comes to failing, they’ll beat the rest

Then there’s the nerd, AKA The Geek

Who everybody calls a freak

And, of course, the jocks, the “macho” guys

[Though, I can tell you, it’s all lies]

On the whole, I’d have to state

My class?? It’s pretty GREAT!!


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