The birds perched on the willow tree

Chirp their sleepiness away

The first rays of sunlight filter the air

And the trees begin to sway

The serpents slither out their holes

Their forked tongues darting out

Baby chicks venture out their fence

And how their mother hen does shout!!

Lions, tigers, leopards, bears

Wake to another hunting day

Wake to the prospect of running wild

And chasing galloping prey

Winged bats settle in,  tired out from

Hunting through the night

And dashing from place to place

After twelve hours of sleepless flight

The birds and the bees, the grey-necked geese

They buzz themselves to life

The hounds, the hogs, the majestic dogs

Wake up with ferocious rife

Little John rubs his eyes

As he spots sun ray

His excitement peaks, his being freaks

At the thought of a brand new day


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