Gold Digger? I Think Not

I stare at the trophies lining my wall

All glitzy and shimmering and bright

They stand so tall and look so proud

In the fading sun light

My medals hang right next to them

[Thirty-five golds in all]

They remind me of my resolute

When I chose “fight” over “fall”

And then there are the handsome plaques

With my name etched in gold

They’re outstanding and magnificent

[Or so I’m often told]

But at night, when the light’s turned off

And I sit down to pray

It’s not the wins I thank God for

Or the medals that sparkle away

It’s my family, my life, my friends, my buds,

The stuff that’s from the heart

I don’t pray for pieces of metal

However apparently smart

I thank him for the roof o’er my head

For my three square meals a day

For my Mom, my Dad, my grandparent’s too

Whose hair’s almost totally gray


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