Better Than Revenge – The Public Pooper

Filthy-rich Fallon walks her pup

In the super-clean village park

He takes a dump on a nearby stump

And leaves the pile at large


And exhausted jogger passes their way

And steps in that pile of do

He grumbles and mumbles, muttered and splutters

Before plodding along with his messed up shoe


Fallon observes the whole exchange

And instead of rushing to help

She turns her head and walks instead

Before her dog does yelp


And she secretly laughs [and laughs and laughs]

At how hilarious the whole thing was

She ignores the sign [with its hefty fine]

Prohibiting pets inside [of course]


The sophisticated lass stylishly sashays around

And fails to observe the minefield ground

Which is a pity, due to the city

Poodle who pees on her Prada gown


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