My EXAM Strategy [Warning: Do NOT Try This At Home]

Okay, I say to myself,

On a crisp midsummer’s day,

Knuckle down, get back to work

For the exams aren’t far away

I’ll make a plan and get to the grind

After one last movie

I mean, who can resist Tatum

Boy, isn’t he groovy

So I sit to watch with a bowl o’ corn

And an extra-large Coke Zero

And proceed spend the next three days

Glued, surveying my big-screen hero

ENOUGH, I want to scream to myself,

Get a grip on your own life!!

Switch off the TiVo, hit the books

And, PLEASE, stop watching Wife

So I tie my hair in a tidy bun,

Sit down to do some work

And JUST when I’m set to start math

My best friend decides to smirk

“Studying is for nerds, mon amie,

And we are everything but those,”

At this point, I’m forced to agree

[I prefer nodding my head to rows]

So she helps me persuade my ‘rents,

Then we head out for some fun,

And the time I come back home

It’s already quarter past one!!


I scream and shout to myself

And I’m less prepared than I’ve ever been

So much for being a Santa’s elf!!

My mouth turns into a slash of resolve

As I finally, really wake up

There’s nothing that can save my now

Except a whole lot of luck

Or maybe there’s time to save myself

From becoming a laughing stock

Keeping this in mind I start on Chem…

Until I remember Mr Spock

It’s time for my weekly Star Trek dose

Of which I can’t be deprived

But I promise myself that I’ll be back

Just after content become my eyes

Of course, that moment never truly arrives

And I emerge in a daze

Have I really watch all the Star Treks again??

The last few hours are a muddle haze

But OH MY GOD to my astonishment and shock

I have precisely ninety-six hours more

Before the exams grandly commence

And F’s come a-knocking on my door



8 thoughts on “My EXAM Strategy [Warning: Do NOT Try This At Home]

  1. Malalp says:

    Any longer, and this would be filed under “Really Long Poems.” HAHAHA!! [Just kidding, I knew that was incredibly lame and stupid. But if you laughed along, you passed the friendship test!! CONGRATZZ!! :)]

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