Midnight Snack

A hungry dwarf, that I am

Craving a frizzy, soda can

Its half past twelve

My stomach rumbles

I’m hungry and

My poor brain tumbles

I feel the starvation

creeping up

Oh how I long a

Sippy cup

Of milkshakes with bits of

Pulpy fruit

That will calm down my famished

Sweet tooth

My mind swirls

Round and round

As I hear the midnight gong

Beating, beating, beating away

Marking the beginning

of a beautiful day

I don’t care

Don’t ask me why

All I want

Is a cranberry pie

To fill my

enormously enormous belly

And then laze

In front of the telly

I long, I long a Midnight Snack

I raid, I raid the cookie rack

And find a box of biscuit

Can’t explain how much I’ve missed it

Because I’m happily munching

My teeth are merrily crunching

My tummy is busily scrunching

The much awaited Midnight Snack!


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