So I was leafing through old books and files in the attic the other day and came across two poems that I wrote way back when I was nine years old. I thought I’d put them up here for you guys to enjoy and get a sense of what I was before I because a -you know- totally successful blogger with a staggering 23 site views ;). ENJOY!!

I love rock, I love roll

I love my Mama and my Uncle Knoll

I love peanut, I love butter

I think jelly is an absolute nutter

I love pink, I love blue

I love the way my Aunt May’s shoe

First go left, then go right

Before looking like they’re going to take flight

Hey, I never said that it was a display of lyrical genius, did I?? 

The second poem was written when I was nine and a half, during a particularly boring math period. Take a look;

I’m in the graveyard

Dark is the night

Do you think I’m

In for a fright??

The cat screams a shriek

The dog; only a growl

But nobody’s eyes shine

Brighter than the owl

I step on something

Hard as a stone

With a jump and a start

I realize its a bone!!

It clutches my ankle

And doesn’t let go

Ghosts have a very good

Grip, you know?? 😉

I can only hope that my poetry skills have improved over the years. What do you think?? (W)


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