Winter – The 4 Seasons Saga

We huddle up by the fire

Bundled in layers of scarf

Night has fallen upon us

As quick as a nippy laugh

Mom brings out trays of cocoa

Which we happily devour

The time of retiring has struck us

Gosh, look at the hour!!

I slither in between my sheets

And scrunch up my toasty toes

Snow pelts down on my window pane

As the frigid wind blows

I glance out for a minute or two

Before Iā€™m dead to the world

But before I know it Iā€™m asleep

My body, tightly curled

There is always tomorrow

To go dancing in the snow

But for now, dear reader,

I think Iā€™m going to go



6 thoughts on “Winter – The 4 Seasons Saga

  1. chiqutam says:

    Hey, Isha, I think we’d better stop this dialogue before we scare off all my readers. Wait, technically, you guys are the only ones who read my blog… So, yeah, go ahead šŸ˜‰

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