Autumn – The 4 Seasons Saga

Naked branches dotted with twigs

But not a flower to show,

No more emerald, dancing leaves

And no more grass to mow

There’s a brisk breeze blowing through the town

When I set out for my run,

I like it, but miss the colorful trees

Of which there are left none

For they are replaced by dull brown barks

Lacking a single splash of hue

You can still see patches of dark ochre from morn’

Made by the early morning dew

Be that as it l may I still proclaim,

That I love this season most

Of subtle beauty and intricate design

It does humbly boast

The ambiance is superb as I jog

But dusk is steadily engulfing us all

I fasten my pace, but my romantic heart stays

Among the beautiful trees of fall


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