Story Of Our Lives… [AKA The Internet]

All you need to get sucked in

Is a flashy Twitter handle,

But are you prepared to RISK YOUR LIFE [!!]

It’s quite an uncertain gamble.

You could be lured into cyber space

By a celebrity blog or site,

NOT following your fav’s Facebook page

Would use up all your might

Then there are all those YouTube clips

That keep you chortling with glee,

I swear they’re like drugs, you just CAN’T stop

One look and your life’s history

Before you know it, you’re 89

With no family, no job, no kids,

Somehow, you’ve wasted all your life

Laughing to YT vids!!

Don’t get me started on those wretched Vines,

Those six-second shots of Morphine,

Instead of baths, you Vine-binge

It’s because of THEM you’re not clean!!

I’m kidding, of course, you’re 100% spot-free

You’re purer than the driven snow

The layer of dust that’s settled on you

Is OBVIOUSLY just for show

And, just like that, you’ve metamorphosed

From a random Joe with an OK tummy,

To a couch potato with ZERO social skills,

In other words, an Internet Mummy!!


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