Look at all the glam selfies

Posted on your BFFs wall,

Hey, when did she meet ABE LINCOLN??

And WHEN did she get SO tall?!

Wow, look at how trim her tummy looks

All hard-core and super slick

It’s funny, though, it looked NOTHING like that

When I saw her take this pic!!

“Maybe she altered her photo a bit,

A smidge here and one there,”

The haunting thought flits through your head,

I mean, LOOK at the GORGEOUS hair!!

No way, she CAN’T have photoshopped,

That just ISN’T her thing!!

But it would explain her weight loss from LAST NIGHT

And all that glamorous bling…

Maybe, just MAYBE,

She’s caught the SelfieBug,

Maybe she’s now into azure filters,

And all that other humbug



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