Mangolicious 2.0 [How It All Began…]

Rewind to the year 2012, when I was a tender [OK, not so tender] child of ten, brimming with questions, thirsty for answers and eager to make money. Yes, eager to make money.

From a fairly young age [as if ten isn’t young enough], I’ve been interested in cash. Cold, hard cash [the colder and harder, the better].

Raking in moolah always seemed pretty fascinating and one day, in the summer of [no, not ’69] 2012, I decided to pursue this -ahem- “interest” and set up a mango stall. Just a simple, no-frills booth with four or five baskets filled with yellow fruit plucked from our family tree. Of course, my sister Trikaya and a girlfriend helped out and in about an hour, our inventory had gone from over 170 to 0. Just like that.

OK, maybe not JUST like that. I mean, I practically DRAGGED the neighbours from their couches by their ears and lectured them about the health benefits of eating mangoes till they relented and agreed to by a dozen. Similarly, I physically STOPPED and would NOT allow vehicles that passed our street from continuing along their merry way until they purchased at least a couple fruits.

As forceful and invasion-of-personal-space as these tactics may seem, THEY WORKED!! We went home $85 dollars richer [which we traded for Gummy Bears as soon as we spotted a Walmart] and with the experience of a lifetime.

But That’s Not All!! To Read The Rest Of The Adventure, Stay TUNED!!


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