The Old Oak Tree

There’s an old oak tree down Hoppet lane

Which pulses with wisdom and life

And I know oak trees aren’t special anymore

I’ve heard they’re pretty widespread and rife

But this one is so different, so refreshing and fun,

It’s hard to miss its charm

The way it seems to have a mind of its own

Is sometimes a cause of alarm

It shelters and houses and nests and cares

For animal, bird and beast

On its sturdy bark and tender leaves

Woodpeckers and critters feast

Its bushy branches are a haven for

People rushing to avoid the rain,

The musky aroma and chirping lil’ birds,

Prove that they’ll visit it again

And who can blame them, for I myself

Spend most summer afternoons,

Nestled under the tree’s many boughs

With a book and a radio that croons


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