They crackle and pop and hiss and melt

To glory, in the microwave

This traditional theatre tidbit’s

Turned me into a salivating slave

With oodles of churned butter and

A warm and fluffy taste,

It makes me automatically speed-eat

Like as if I’m in a haste

But I’m definitely not, I’m OBVIOUSLY not,

I’m in the OPPOSITE of a hurry

If anything, I want to SAVOUR it,

NOT pass it in a flurry!!

But it’s just SO YUM that I can’t stop,

One fistful, then anotehr,

I’ve got to make sure that I eat more

Than my equally-ravenous brother!

After 30-full-seconds of stuffing my face

My fingers brush the bottom of the tin,

But there’s no time to feel the gut-busting despair,

Because Mom’s already bringing the next tub in!!

[Bless her]


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