The Wonder Years

If only we had

(Like the TiVo does)

An R.C for life,

We could rewind to the buzz

Go back to the time

We were young and wild,

Our stories untold,

The consequences mild,

When we didn’t even know,

What “mortgage” meant,

On Dior earrings,

Our allowance we spent

No kids, no cars,

Just Atari-filled days,

Had picnics with hampers

Of donuts with glaze,

And here we are now,

With our fancy degrees,

Our stashes of cash,

Our Ferrari keys,

We’re “successful”

(Whatever that means)

Yet all we want to do,

Is go back to our teens!!

Revive the glory days

(Where, side-note, nobody twerked)

Go one mo- WHOOPS!!

Got to get back to work!!



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