Monsoon – The 4 Seasons Saga

Pitter, patter, falls the rain

On a damp and muggy eve,

Bolts of lightning illuminate the sky,

Inviting us to see,

Our maple tree, dancing in the drizzle,

Its roots quenching their thirst,

Its green leaves look pleasantly refreshed,

So full of relief, they could burst!

For it has been a long summer,

Of heat and sweat and draught,

And all through its discomfort

Our tree valiantly fought.

And now its hardship’s come to an end,

Thanks to this unexpected shower,

The sun’s sharp rays will no longer make

Our plucky tree cower.

Earthworms, snails and frogs alike,

Splash about in the puddles,

This sudden change in weather

Has got them all befuddled!

But perplexed as they may be,

They heartily enjoy the rain,

Because at the back of their minds they aren’t sure

If or when it’ll come again…


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