It’s Complicated [The Dog And I]

“C’mere, Feni!” I desperately coax,

My face breaks into a smile,

My dog lazily trudges towards me and

It sure seems to take her a while!!

“That’s it, baby girl,” I happily squeal,

The grimace on her face a fraud,


On the inside, I’m congratulating myself,

Her obedience, I applaud!

I have a lazy dog, ’tis true,

She rarely does obey,

And when she does, my Mom tells us,

“For this EXACTLY I pray!”

Which is why I was thrown aback,

When my dog so eagerly,

Listened to what I had to say,

Obeyed a command from me!

But ALAS! Myjoy was short lived,

When abruptly realise did I,

That Feni walked past me to her food bowl,

Well, at least I tried! ❤


6 thoughts on “It’s Complicated [The Dog And I]

  1. glen says:

    Dearest Trusha,This poem has impressed me a lot.Your combination of humor,storytelling ability,longing for approval,a great hook in the beginning and am equally cute smile inducing ending has made me a fan…
    Love you my lovely…
    Uncle Glen.

    • chiqutam says:

      My DARLINGEST Uncle Glen,
      You have NO IDEA how much your comment made me smile. Thank you so so so much for the Quadros Seal Of Approval, which is by far my greatest achievement 🙂
      Thanks for sticking with me,
      Taylor Skarr

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