Kaleidoscopic Kerala: A Trip To God’s Own Country – DAY 2


As our bus drew up in front of Wonderla the next morning, our screams rose to a decibel level. Who could blame us?? A FULL day let lose at one of the BIGGEST theme/water parks in the country?? Count us in!!

After our tour guide briefed us about the basic rules and etiquette we were expected to follow, the fifty of us spent the next NINE HOUR riding EVERY SINGLE attraction a dozen times each.

The most formidable ride was -by far- the Twin Flip Monster, which tossed us in every single direction (like beans in a Maraca -look it up) about fifty feet from the ground. Personally, being a MAJOR adrenalin junkie, I quite enjoyed my five minutes being flipped in mid-air, although most of my classmates didn’t share my point of view (and quite understandably, at that). The most frequented attraction was the Rain Disco, which sprayed us with water in time with eardrum-shattering, fantastically-amazing electronic dance music. Another favourite was the spooky House of Horrors with its creepy music and blood-curdling screams for help.

For possibly the first time, our teachers flaunted their true colours and embraced their “wild teenager” side. They were as (if not more than) eager as us to try out everything (and I mean EVERYTHING). From the awesome Lilo Adventure to the daunting Swanky Slides, they were game.

Needless to say, we were more than a little disappointed when the rides began wrapping up and we were forced to load ourselves back into our trusty bus. We’d had more than our share of fun, though, and still had three whole glorious days to look forward to. Which brings us to…


6 thoughts on “Kaleidoscopic Kerala: A Trip To God’s Own Country – DAY 2

  1. Isha Dhuri says:

    ohmygod I can’t believe this was four months ago!! Seems like just yesterday #howtimeflies #iftimecanfly

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