Kaleidoscopic Kerala: A Trip To God’s Own Country – DAY 4


After a quick, refreshing breakfast at the grand dining room of the majestic , we set out back to Kochi, anticipating another stomach-churning drive. Thankfully, our guide worked in a mid-way sojourn at a water-sports facility to lessen the impact of the roads and it sure did help!!

A rejuvenating speed-boat ride was EXACTLY what we needed to ward off our impending queasiness. The frigid water that drenched our tees awakened our senses and made us feel alive.

As we were being dropped off from the boats to the jetty, we gathered in one large circle and chatted excitedly about our favorite parts [“DEFINITELY the last curve. I was so close to the water, it felt like I was SWIMMING!!” “No, mine was the long stretch in between. It seemed like we were gliding on the clouds…”]. Before we realized what as happening, we were zooming back towards Kochi, the wind caressing our faces and drying off the last few drops of water.

As we neared the city, us kids finally started to feel the side-effects of four days on non-stop physical activity; i.e, being tired.

So, while the teachers decided to roam around shopping bazaars and feast on mouth-watering roadside chaat, us kids opted out and settled down for a night-in.

Of course, we spent most of the night hogging on crisps and babbling nineteen to the dozen [eventually only turning off the lights at two in the morning- shh… Don’t tell our teachers!!], but it was a night-in just the same.


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