The Never-Ending Struggle

05:30 AM, the alarm rings,

Mom bustles into my room,

She attempts to stir me from my sleep,

The haunting thought of school does loom.

I try to rebel with all my heart,

I SWEAR I’m not going today!

School is for BABIES and I need my sleep,

I’m just going to do it my way!

But Mom’s used to my drama, my passionate pleas,

[I DO shout them out everyday]

She blackmails me with the speakers I broke,

Practically FORCING me to obey.

All through the morning I loudly protest,

I make my beliefs clear,

I HATE school, I really do,

It isn’t really something I consider dear.

Pop quizzes from Ms. Cadillac,

Await me in an hour or two,

I glumly button my crispy vest,

Feeling utterly solemn and blue.

After a hurried bowl of Honey Loops,

And a glug, glug, glug of juice,

I dejectedly resign, shuffle to the bus,

I give up my struggle, call truce.

The bus ride is a morbid affair,

32-distraught faces in all,

I can’t WAIT for Summer but suddenly remember that,

We’ve only JUST slipped into fall!!


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